Portable Gramaphone - His Master's Voice

Portable Gramaphone - His Master's Voice

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Portable Gramaphone His Master's Voice is still in very good condition, with boxes still in good condition and original machine that makes it more valuable gramaphone.

Gramaphone speaker is located inside, so if gramaphone played the sound directly out on the side of the box .. Unique and rare

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At first, the record is a tool that has a pen that vibrates to produce sound from a disc. This idea comes from the Charles Cros of France in the tender 1887. But unfortunately never materialized. In the same year, Thomas A. Edison invented the phonograph (record player) that serves to record sounds that are mostly used for office purposes. The name comes from Emilie Berliner gramophone who in 1888 discovered a new type of vinyl records and patent under the Berliner Gramaphone label. In 1918 the patent expires, all labels were competing to produce LPs. In those days, most owners gramophone is still limited to upper middle class only. Simak Baca secara fonetik  



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